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When launching a loyalty program, the first group to target is your active customers. Inevitably, the program will also attract new clients or convert potential ones.But what about your employees?

You know the saying: employees on the frontline are your best ambassadors. Every day, they are the ones who talk about your brand, embody your values, and promote your goods or services. But are they also prepared to sell your loyalty program to customers?

Here are a few ways to ensure your employees become your best loyalty ambassadors:

Train them well

Even been a repeat customer only to learn, months later, that the company offers a loyalty program? Did you feel cheated? After all, you missed out on a great opportunity to get rewarded for your loyalty! Why didn’t an employee let you know about the program? The answer is probably that no one trained them to.

It is essential to train employees about not only how to use the program tools, but also how to speak with customers about it. More than just providing a simple explanation about signing customers up for the program, employees need to be able to answer questions about how it works and communicate your program’s unique benefits. Help them to come up with a simple but powerful argument and ensure they fully understand how the program works. When an employee feels empowered to talk about the program, they will be happy to pass the message along to customers.

Encourage employees to become program members

Often companies will exclude employees from joining their loyalty program. Although it may feel like you already offer employees a long list of benefits, such as discounts, it is worth encouraging them to become members of your loyalty program.

There are several ways to help employees take advantage of your program without affecting their other benefits. You’ll be providing employees with a way to fully experience your loyalty program. You’ll also be giving them a means to earn and redeem program benefits. This means they can speak more knowledgeably about your program and share their enthusiasm and experience with customers.

Get firsthand feedback

Employees are at the heart of your success. Not only are they in constant contact with your customers and a key to sales, they also have firsthand experience when it comes to your products and services, procedures, sales, and loyalty program.

Be sure to collect as much feedback as possible from your employees. Organize meetings, ask questions, share company news, and brainstorm together for new ideas. When it comes time to launch your loyalty program—or a new facet of your program—get employees to participate in a pilot or beta version first. Listen attentively to their feedback, as their experience can help you better adapt the program to customers.

Encouraging employees to actively participate in your loyalty program is a great way to collect a wealth of valuable information, fine tune your loyalty strategy, and have a positive impact on employee and customer satisfaction.

I’ll leave you with two questions to think about:

1- Are your employees active members of your loyalty program?
2- How can you make the most of their comments on the program in order to improve it?

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