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Loyalty and relationship marketing strategy

We can help you develop your loyalty and your relationship marketing strategy and build long-lasting, unique customer relationships. We can work with your senior management and staff to develop your strategy, from building the business case to calculating the return on investment and selecting the right loyalty technology. With you and your team, we can build a loyalty strategy aligned with your business goals, performance metrics and customer expectations. Since every loyalty project is unique, our agency offers a flexible approach to loyalty marketing, allowing you to choose from a turnkey or à la carte solution. Whatever option you choose, you will benefit from proven strategic and operational support tailored to your needs.

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Developing loyalty programs

No two companies and no two customers are the same. That’s why every project we take on begins with an in-depth business review that allows us to better understand your business and vision. To help you build a unique strategy that meets both your brand goals and customer expectations, our team of loyalty experts can tailor our approach to your business needs. Find out how we can help you develop your loyalty program. 

Analyzing the competition

To build your strategy, we first analyze the loyalty programs of your direct and indirect competitors. This program benchmark analysis provides an overview of the best (and worst) loyalty programs in your industry—and compares them from every angle.

Training your team

To ensure that you and your team have a clear picture of your loyalty project, we offer training on the latest customer loyalty trends and best practices. This training is designed to present the main tenets of customer loyalty and identify your industry's best practices and trends.

Ideation Workshops

Collaboration between every department in your organization is an integral part of building a loyalty strategy that meets your business needs. For this reason, we invite management and members of your team to participate in a series of dynamic ideation workshops. During these working sessions, we discuss many aspects of your business, including your objectives, technology constraints, operational policies, strategic loyalty program vision, and customer needs.


Our co-creation approach allows you to develop your loyalty strategy in close collaboration with your customers. Along with our ideation workshops, collecting data on the needs and preferences of your existing customers can help you better respond to their expectations. The aim of co-creation is to involve every stakeholder (even your customers) in the development process of your strategy. Your goal is to better align the best loyalty practices with the expectations of your customers and your business objectives.

Analyzing profitability and calculating ROI

With an average ROI of 490%, loyalty programs are a major driver for brand growth. Calculating your ROI is a crucial step in developing your strategy. Our team of experts can work with you to identify the overall cost and additional revenue generated by the program while comparing multiple financial scenarios. We can also work closely with your finance team to ensure that your loyalty program is financially feasible. 

Relationship marketing and marketing automation

Loyalty doesn’t only come down to the rollout of a rewards program. You need to rethink your entire relationship with your customers to build a long-lasting and more personal relationship with them. Our team of loyalty and relationship marketing consultants can help you define the customer journey, segment your customer base, identify key touch points across multiple channels, capture the data you need to create automated marketing triggers and personalize your email automations.