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Analyzing and optimizing existing loyalty programs

Do you already have a loyalty program, but want to maximize its appeal and performance? Whether you want to measure the ROI of your loyalty program, improve its profitability, redesign it, optimize your customer journey or review your promotional plan or loyalty budget, stratLX can help you meet your specific needs. 

Our flexible approach offers you the choice of a turnkey or à la carte solution, regardless of the support services you need. We are committed to improving the appeal of your existing loyalty program and optimizing its day-to-day performance. 

Talk to a loyalty expert about the performance of your program

Measuring the performance
of your loyalty program

As customer loyalty experts, we can help you measure the performance of your loyalty program and identify your key performance indicators. Our performance analysis looks at many factors, including your program’s profitability, generosity, complexity, acquisition strategy, benefits and rewards, data usage, customer experience and much more.

This in-depth analysis can provide you with actionable recommendations for improving your program. Whether you want to increase the profitability of your loyalty program, enhance its appeal or boost member engagement, we can work with you to measure your program’s performance and identify key areas for improvement.   

Optimizing your
loyalty program

The desire to boost customer engagement, stand out from the competition or take your loyalty strategy beyond a purely transactional model is a compelling reason to rethink your loyalty program. Our customer loyalty experts can help you through the process of redesigning your existing program, whether you need to add new tiers, partner offers, experiential rewards or alternative ways to earn points. 

We can work with your team to review your loyalty program structure and retention strategy to better meet the expectations of your members and your business goals. We can also help you navigate the latest trends and technology, ensuring that your redesigned program is aligned with the industry’s best practices. 

Optimizing the customer

Customer experience is a cornerstone of every loyalty marketing strategy. How you interact with your prospects, customers or members at each stage of the customer journey is key to improving their experience and encouraging their desired long-term behaviour. 

We can help you optimize and personalize the customer journey, identifying key touch points that will enrich the experience of your B2B or B2C customers. Our team can also work with you to better understand the needs of your customers, ensuring you deliver your messaging at the right time via the right channels. 

Developing your promotional
plan and loyalty budget

Changing some of the features of your loyalty program or introducing new promotional offers inevitably impacts your marketing budget. Monitoring your rewards budget is crucial to maintaining the generosity of your program. Our team of loyalty experts can help you set your loyalty budgetand the promotional plan based on itto ensure that your program stays profitable.