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One of the key challenges when setting up a loyalty program is keeping your customers consistently engaged. Many studies have shown that clients are actively involved with only 35% to 60% of the loyalty programs they belong to.

Thankfully, there are a number of solutions to help ensure customers regularly use and stay engaged with your program.

Keep it simple

Simplicity is one of the main success factors in any loyalty program. Your program should be easy to understand and simple to use. That doesn’t mean it should be monotonous—quite the opposite! Be creative while keeping in mind that it should be easy for customers to sign up, automatic to earn points/miles, and a fun experience to redeem for a reward.

An integrated multichannel experience

Your program needs to follow customers wherever they are—whether that’s in store, online, on social media, or via your website or app. You need to have a single, integrated message across all platforms and the experience of earning points/miles as well as available rewards should be clear and visible no matter the channel.

Communicate program benefits

Consider this statistic: 57% of members do not know their points balance, and 38% are unaware of their points value. (via Bond Brand Loyalty). Be proud of your program and never hesitate to promote it. Take advantage of every opportunity to remind members of what rewards are available to them—whether it’s their point balance and what they can redeem, special offers, or available gifts.

Keep it lively

Merely offering a loyalty program isn’t enough. If you don’t want your program to be forgotten, you need to keep it lively and fresh to attract consumers back. Be sure to put together an annual plan that includes major loyalty promotions and targeted activity, and leave yourself room to add additional opportunities as they come up.

Pay attention

Be sure to create opportunities for customers to provide you with feedback about your program. A simple post-transaction survey is a great way to start. Follow up on participation for offers and promotions to help you figure out what works and what doesn’t, and to see where you can further personalize the loyalty experience for members.