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Our customer loyalty services

Every loyalty project is unique. This is why stratLX offers a flexible approach to customer loyalty marketing, allowing you to choose from a turnkey or à la carte solution. Whatever option you choose, you will benefit from proven strategic and operational support tailored to your needs.  

Loyalty and relationship marketing strategy

We can help you develop your loyalty and relationship marketing strategy and build long-lasting, unique customer relationships. We can work with your senior management and staff to develop your strategy, from building the business case to calculating the return on investment and selecting the right loyalty technology.

With you and your team, we can build a loyalty strategy aligned with your business goals, performance metrics and customer expectations.  

Develop your customer loyalty strategy

Implementing and launching loyalty programs

Every successful strategy requires a well-executed plan. That how to support the experience you for your customers via any channel. That’s why our loyalty experts are here for you every step of the way, from implementing and rolling out your loyalty program to making sure it’s running smoothly day in, day out.

We can help you define your business rules, build a training plan for your employees, identify your performance indicators and select your technology partner.  

Launch your loyalty program

Analyzing and optimizing loyalty and relationship marketing programs

Do you already have a loyalty program, but want to enhance its appeal and performance? Do you want to measure the ROI of your loyalty program? We can help you define the right benchmarks for measuring the ROI of your loyalty strategy accurately and maximizing its performance.

Optimize your loyalty and relationship marketing strategy