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Global Customer Loyalty Report 2023

By 9 December 2022May 6th, 2024No Comments
GCLR 91222

Loyalty report 2023

Get an in-depth look at how companies are investing in loyalty marketing now by downloading the Loyalty report 2023. And learn what loyalty executives see as the most important trends in and around customer loyalty programs.

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The Global Customer Loyalty Report 2023 is available NOW

Reflecting on the impact of the inflation crisis and recession on the world of loyalty programs, loyalty technology provider Antavo has published the 2023 edition of its annual Global Customer Loyalty Report. StratLX has contributed to the launch of this report.

To prepare the 2023 report, the research team interviewed more professionals, analyzed over 10x more loyalty member actions, and surveyed loyalty executives on additional hot topics like ROI, rewards program budgeting, ESG, and upcoming customer loyalty trends.

Here are some major takeaways: 

  • 88.5% of respondents believe that loyalty programs will play an essential role in overcoming the inflation crisis and potential recession
  • Loyalty program members who spend points in a loyalty program have a 6.3X higher lifetime value
  • 80.0% of companies who measure the ROI of their loyalty programs reported a positive ROI with on average 4.9X more revenue than what they spend

Make sure to download this industry-defining loyalty report 2023 and stay ahead with your loyalty marketing strategy.

Need advice on customer loyalty? We specialize in the design, implementation and optimization of loyalty programs. Contact us to learn more about our strategic and operational support services for businesses or the loyalty report 2023.