stratLX helped design, implement and launch My Rewards Program


Fizz is a telecommunications brand in Canada that offers mobile phone and residential internet services. Launched in 2018, Fizz is positioned as a brand focused on simplicity, transparency, and flexibility. 

A few months after the brand’s launch, Fizz reached out to stratLX to assist the team in loyalty strategy and guide the financial modeling of the program to ensure its profitability.

With the goal of incorporating the brand’s values throughout the loyalty experience, the My Rewards program was designed to provide Fizz customers with a unique and flexible experience.

The concept is straightforward: the longer customers stay with Fizz, the more they’ll be dazzled with rewards—a distinctive approach within the telecommunications industry. 


My Rewards Program – fizz



Loyalty Strategy 

Fizz aimed to integrate its loyalty program seamlessly into the customer experience. Seeking to embody its values of simplicity and flexibility through this experience, the brand aspired to distinguish itself in the market by adopting a distinct approach from its competitors: rewarding customer loyalty with increasingly generous benefits throughout their Fizz journey.

Moreover, given its exclusive online and “self-serve” nature, the brand placed significant emphasis on fostering a community that encourages mutual assistance and the sharing of tips and gifts. Ultimately, targeting a relatively young clientele, Fizz wanted to incorporate a playful dimension into its loyalty experience. 

In this regard, we supported the Fizz team in analyzing customer behaviors and points issuance rules to define the structure and progression of customers through the 10 levels of the program. This work laid the foundation for a distinctive loyalty strategy aligned with Fizz’s goals, including the integration of values such as community sharing, flexibility, and simplicity. 

To ensure the profitability of this loyalty experience, stratLX worked with Fizz to develop a financial model and conduct a thorough profitability analysis. These tools allowed quantifying the impact of the loyalty initiative on the brand’s profitability. 

Lastly, stratLX worked closely with Fizz to identify key performance indicators (KPIs) to track and develop performance tracking dashboards. Our collaboration continues to assess the program’s performance and formulate the next phases of development and optimization. 

The stratLX team quickly understood our challenges and objectives regarding customer engagement. Their expertise and methodical approach have contributed to enhancing the loyalty experience for our My Rewards members while optimizing customer journeys to meet our customer engagement goals.

Martin GendronGenaral Manager, Fizz

My Rewards Program 

The Fizz My Rewards offers 10 levels. Throughout their Fizz journey, customers collect points for dollars spent, and for a whole bunch of actions such as posting on the Community Hub.

Accumulating points allows customers to progress from level to level, unlocking increasingly generous gifts and bonuses. They have the freedom to apply these benefits to their plan based on their preferences. 

How My Rewards Program works: 

Accumulating Points: 

Fizz members collect points for actions they complete, including paying their monthly bill, refer friends, and sharing mobile data with other Fizz members. Plus, badges are awarded for specific actions, entitling members to bonus points. 

Earning Rewards: 

Collecting points allow progression through the levels, unlocking rewards each month, such as discounts on plan prices and additional free mobile data. One-time-use gifts are also issued from time to time, such as a bundle of 5 GB of free mobile data.

The higher members progress through the levels, the more generous the bonuses are. Moreover, members can combine and activate multiple bonuses simultaneously starting from level 3. 

 Reward Management: 

Members can easily apply their bonuses to their plan directly from their Fizz online account. 

 Flexibility and Control: 

Fizz emphasizes flexibility and gives members full control over their rewards program. Members can clearly see the number of points they have collected and apply bonuses and gifts to their plan according to their preferences. 

 Community Engagement: 

Fizz encourages participation in its online community, where members can share tips, ask questions, and interact with each other. This participation can also award points.