How to Create a Next-Gen Coalition Loyalty Program: a Definitive Guide

Coalition Loyalty Program

Coalition Loyalty Program

How to Create a Next-Gen Coalition Loyalty Program:

Curious about the past, present and future of the coalition loyalty program?

The idea of multiple brands coming together to form a shared loyalty program isn’t new. The benefits are seemingly obvious, too: customers can earn and spend points while shopping at a variety of brands, while participating businesses see an uplift in revenue, touchpoints and user data, not to mention cross-promotion. Yet with a few notable exceptions (like Plenti in the US and Nectar in the UK), the concept of coalition loyalty programs never quite took off. 

However, loyalty technology and rewards solutions have seen unprecedented growth in the past few years, opening up previously unexplored possibilities for coalition loyalty programs. 

Regions such as the EMEA have already normalized the concept in malls, and verticals such as the travel and resort industries are also known for using it digitally. Still, it was the Covid-19 pandemic that made companies realize that they need to join forces in order to break new grounds.

All of this led to a renaissance for the coalition loyalty program. 

After reading this guide, you’ll understand:

  • What kind of rewards system constitutes a coalition loyalty program
  • What type of businesses benefit the most from a shared rewards system approach
  • What the hallmarks of a truly next-gen coalition program are
  • How a truly enticing user journey looks
  • How to efficiently manage participating brands to ensure long-term success
  • How this sophisticated technology works behind the scenes

If you’re planning to introduce a successful coalition loyalty program, it’s key to understand the whole concept, from key features to possible in-store hardware. And this guide is meant to do just that.

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stratLX is delighted to be part of this guide! Great insights and case studies.

Contributor: Tamás Őszi, Antavo
Antavo is an enterprise-grade SaaS loyalty technology provider, that builds comprehensive loyalty programs to foster brand love and change customer behavior for brands, retailers, and shopping malls.

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