stratLX helped optimize the Familiplus program


Familiprix is the only banner in Québec that is 100% owned by its pharmacists. With 400 branches and over 6000 employees that work across the province, Familiprix is a dynamic and innovative company that listens to its clients.  

Every day, Familiprix completely embraces its mission to enable healthcare professionals adopt a central role in the care of their patients. The companie’s three-pronged strategy focuses on caring for patients’ health, offering a human approach to pharmaceutical services, and fostering innovation. 

In 2016, Familiprix launches the national Familiplus rewards program. The rewards program allows members to save by accumulating points on almost everthing in-store and online purchases. 

As it was preparing to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the Familiplus program, Familiprix reached out to stratLX to assist in optimize the loyalty experience offered to its members. 


Familiplus – Familiprix

Optimization of member journeys and promotions 

Familiprix aimed to enhance the journey of its loyalty program members to increase their engagement. To achieve this, stratLX collaborated with the digital and loyalty teams to redesign the journeys, messages, and targeted offers for members in the different phases of their lifecycle. 

As a result, welcome, birthday, retention, and reengagement journeys and offers were revamped. The optimization project started with an analysis of member behavior across different life stages to identify opportune moments for communication and re-engagement. Offers were redesigned to maximize engagement and conversion. 

With these new journeys in place, our collaboration continues in planning the loyalty promotional calendar to provide members with generous and exciting bonus points promotions, member prices, contests, and events. 

As innovation remains a core aspect of Familiprix’s DNA, the continuous evolution of its Familiplus loyalty program is a priority for the company. In this regard, we have supported and continue to support the loyalty marketing team in optimizing the Familiplus program, developing loyalty program employee training, and creating internal communications to promote and showcase the performance and unique value of the Familiplus program.   

Profitability Analysis and ROI 

Concerned with offering a generous program to its members, Familiprix also values the profitability of the loyalty experience to ensure its sustainability. stratLX collaborated with Familiprix to develop a financial model and conduct a thorough analysis of the profitability and return-on-investment (ROI) of the Familiplus program. 

These tools enabled quantifying the impact of the loyalty program on the brand’s profitability across the entire network. This work laid the foundation for optimizing the loyalty experience and measuring the program’s performance. It identified strengths and opportunities, as well as actions and features to optimize for better performance. 

Always on the lookout for the latest trends in loyalty, stratLX offers excellent strategic advice for the continuous improvement of our loyalty program.
stratLX helps us demonstrate the value of the program to our customers, our internal pharmacy network and senior management.
More concretely, we worked in collaboration with the stratLX team to set up customer journeys, calculate performance indicators such as ROI, develop internal monitoring tools and new features.
Our partnership represents a real asset for the health and development of our program.

Marie-Christine Rheault | Maryse OuelletLoyalty marketing strategist | Loyalty marketing manager

The Familiplus Program | Familiprix

The Familiplus program is a rewards initiative that allows you to save by earning points on nearly all online and in-store purchases, providing access to member-exclusive prices. 

How it works: 

Accumulate Familiplus Points and Rewards Yourself 

Familiplus members can accumulate points on almost every in-store and online purchases. Additionally, members have many opportunities to accumulate even more points: a weekly draw via the mobile app, contests, personalized offers, exclusive promotions, weekly bonus point offers, bonus points upon joining, completing their profile, and more. 

But that’s not all! Members can easily reward themselves anytime, without any minimum or redemption restrictions. 

Member Prices 

Throughout the year, members can save on a wide selection of products through Member Prices, great prices exclusively for Familiplus members. 

Healthy Living: Rewarding Healthy Habits 

Health is a priority at Familiprix. To promote a healthy lifestyle, the Familiplus program rewards members for simply staying active. Familiplus members can set walking or running goals via the Familiplus app and receive weekly rewards for achieving their goals. 

The My Familiplus App 

The My Familiplus app offers more ways to save and get rewarded. It allows members to always have their rewards card at their fingertips, download and view personalized offers, check their transaction history, manage their profile, and be rewarded for being active and participating in the weekly contest. 

Points Donation to Opération Enfant Soleil 

Familiplus members have the option to donate their points to Opération Enfant Soleil. Opération Enfant Soleil raises funds to support the development of quality pediatrics for all sick children in Quebec. 

Learn more about the Familiplus program.