stratLX has redesigned the Club Cage rewards program from La Cage Brasserie Sportive


La Cage Brasserie sportive wanted to completely rethink how members of the rewards program would be rewarded. stratLX has taken on a challenge by rethinking the loyalty experience to develop new loyalty levers based on the commitment of members through their behaviors.

The new Club Cage rewards program therefore goes beyond the traditional loyalty that tends to reward purchasing behaviors by incorporating both transactional and emotional loyalty mechanisms.

Through an all-new Club Cage mobile app, the new rewards program is based on a tier system that rewards members faster, based on their purchasing behavior and engagement with the Club.

With the stratLX methodology, we collaborated with the teams of La Cage Brasserie sportive, the emblematic Quebec restaurant brand, to redesign its loyalty strategy, develop a robust business case, identify the right loyalty technologies to implement.

We also supporter them throughout the implementation and development stages of the mobile application, employee training and performance measurement.

Among other things, the analysis of our previous program allowed us to see significant differences in the consumption profile of members. With the new program, we wanted to recognize these differences with progressive offers and benefits.
We also wanted to have a scalable platform that will offer engaging options for our members to redeem their points. We have all the tools in hand to propel Club Cage into one of the best restaurant loyalty programs in North America.

Marc PelletierVice-President of Marketing and Communications, La Cage Brasserie sportive | Sportscene Group Inc


Different ways to earn Club Cage points

The new Club Cage rewards program offered by La Cage Brasserie sportive now rewards members by awarding points on all purchases made in the dining room, online via as well as through third-party delivery orders.

The members of the Club Cage are therefore rewarded, regardless of the channel, even through delivery partners.

Members are also rewarded for referring a friend to the Club, completing satisfaction surveys, and completing personalized challenges.

4 levels of Club Cage membership for exclusive benefits

Depending on the number of points accumulated, members can reach 4 different levels of the Cage Club, namely Pro, Elite, Platinum, and Master! The principle is simple; The higher the level of membership, the more points they earn per dollar spent. That’s not all!

Depending on the level reached, members get exclusive benefits, such as being able to participate in VIP events or be the first to taste the new products on the menu.

New options to Club Cage redeem points and get rewarded

In addition, as soon as Club Cage members accumulate enough points, they can start redeeming them for dining room or delivery or takeout discounts. They can also take advantage of the famous weekly promotions that are now exclusive to Club Cage members.

La Cage – Brasserie sportive has completely revamped the loyalty experience it offered to members so that they are now rewarded more quickly, but above all at the height of their commitment.

Thanks to the brand new Club Cage rewards program, La Cage Brasserie sportive now offers a program adapted to current loyalty trends whose fun aspect will evolve over the years.

Club Cage

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