Looking back on stratLX’s first year



It’s already been a year since I started this professional adventure!

On this date last year, I left a position as VP of Loyalty and Operations to start up StratLXLoyalty Expert.

My goal and mission: Help companies create loyal customers.

With 15 years of loyalty under my belt, I made the switch armed with determination and ambition. I knew that many companies needed that expertise and that my own journey in the last 15 years was giving me a unique offer. A blend of technical, rational and tangible business approach.  When I spoke about my project, I could see the potential for an exciting and promising company.

As a partner in my previous company, I had the opportunity to see what being an entrepreneur was really like, including all the highs and lows—fleeting doubts, long nights of work, the excitement of a new contract, and gratitude for having it all come together.

Independence comes with its share of risk, but the reward of seeing that project growing up, overcame all the worries I might had.

Over the last year, I have had the opportunity—and the great pleasure—to work with SMB and large corporations in such industries as transportation, retail, restaurants, telecommunications, and entertainment.

I have offered support when it comes to design, improving and implementing loyalty strategy, implementing technology solutions, and optimizing the use of data to enhance loyalty. Over the course of many projects, I shared a lot and learned even more. Also, I could demonstrate that what stratLX offers, can apply to all sizes of businesses and from all sectors.

What’s next? I want to follow my goals, work hard to achieve them, stay open to new opportunities, and be proud of all I’ve accomplished.

I truly believe in my mission to create loyalty for companies. I would like to take this opportunity to thank my clients and partners for helping me, making this first year a success, filled with excitement and profound satisfaction. Thank you for your ongoing collaboration.

I look forward to supporting you in the future and create more loyal customers for you.

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